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Opening of the advanced production facility in Neuendettelsau

New production capacity of up to 8000t of innovative feed additives per year The company Phytobiotics, producer of the well-known feed additive Sangrovit®, also offers flavors, organically bound trace elements and products for biogas plants: On 5 September, Phytobiotics opened its new and advanced production facility in Neuendettelsau, Bavaria, Germany. The sister company Senso Additive GmbH produces most of the products, that are distributed into over 70 countries all around the globe. Both companies work closely together and are managed by Dr. Hermann Roth. To satisfy a growing number of customers further on, the production facility has been extended since the beginning of 2015 and equipped with new machines and a highly modern control unit. Now Phytobiotics is able to produce up to 8000t of feed additives in 3-shift operation per year. The highlight of the new production facility is a 10m long fluidized bed dryer. With the new centralized control system a fully automatic production process is possible, beginning with grinding, coarse and micro dosing over mixing and moist granulation to fluidized bed drying and packaging. Mainly different variations of our phytogenic product Sangrovit® but also animal feed flavors and products for biogas plants are produced there.

Exhibitor: Phytobiotics Futterzusatzstoffe GmbH

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