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About us

Phytobiotics and their partners make up one of the fastest growing companies in animal health globally, offering feed additives and consultative services focused on intestinal health, stress reduction and the increased bioavailability of nutrients for animals. Phytobiotics also serves the bioenergy industry with technology and fermentation stimulants both at farm and industry level in Europe and Asia. The head office of Phytobiotics is in Eltville, near Frankfurt, and the production site in Neuendettelsau, near Nuremberg, in Germany. Phytobiotics runs area management branches in the US, Brazil, Thailand and China and maintains selling licenses with more than 45 international partners. Various successful Quality Management and innovation certificates, plus more than 50 world-wide patents illustrate the innovative character of their intelligent solutions.

Products and services

Phytobiotics offers the Sangrovit®-product line. This patented, plant-derived product enhances animal growth, meat quality, and yield. The active ingredients in Sangrovit® are well defied and characterized. They promote improved nutrient absorption and stimulate digestion naturally. Sangrovit® can be applied during withdrawal periods of antibiotics or coccidiostats and in phases of increased stress to reduce the detrimental effcts of stress and disease. Additionally to our regular Sangrovit®, we offer several diffrent application specific product presentations. For example, a water-soluble version for quick and flexible application, a calf specific version for a successful start of newborns, and a version called Sangrovit® Extra, with specific “Extra” concentrated alkaloids for accelerated liver health.

SANGROVIT<sup>®</sup>-product line

SANGROVIT®-product line

SANGROVITsup>® is a leading brand of patented, purely plant-derived product solutions that increase feed intake and therefore promote animal growth, meat quality and yield. The SANGROVITsup>® brand includes a range of products tailored to specific animal species and customer needs. Its clearly described and analysed active ingredients secure feed intake and stimulate digestion naturally. We guarantee you consistent, outstanding quality.

Flavorsweet®-product line

Flavorsweet®-product line

Animals of diffrent ages, species, production phases and environmental conditions have diffrent flavor and palatability requirements. Phytobiotics considers the flavor and aroma profile needed in specific species and climates to develop flavors that will increase feed acceptance and feed consumption. Our flavors are uniquely designed to meet your specifi needs.

Plexomin®-product line

Plexomin®-product line

The organically bound trace elements of our Plexominsup>® product line perform a wide variety of functions in the body and provide essential support for many metabolic processes. Our unique production process results in organometallic particles that are brought together like tiny snowflakes to form a “snowball“. This results in a highly soluble, less reactive, stable, and free flowing product which diffrentiates Plexomin ® from other organic trace minerals.

News & Innovations

Opening of the advanced production facility in Neuendettelsau 

New production capacity of up to 8000t of innovative feed additives per year The company Phytobiotics, producer of the well-known feed additive Sangrovit®, also offers flavors, organically bound trace elements and products for biogas plants: On 5 September, Phytobiotics opened its new and advance...| » Further reading 

Phytobiotics announces the cooperation with its new distributor Bioprim LLC in Ukraine. 

Phytobiotics GmbH, one of the world leading producers and suppliers of functional feed additives – like the well-known Sangrovit product family, organic trace minerals and flavors, sweeteners – will participate on Agro Animal Expo (Kiev, 2017) together with its exclusive Ukranian Distributor LLC ...| » Further reading 


Phytobiotics Futterzusatzstoffe GmbH
Walluferstr. 10a
65343 Eltville am Rhein

Phone: +49 6123 702680
Fax: +49 6123 702689

Dr. András Valentin Vucskits
Area Sales Manager Eastern Europe and Baltics
Phone: +36 30 9771308

Phytobiotics Eastern Europe
Ròzsa u. 10-12
1077 Budapest

Phone: +36 30 9771308

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