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About us

SAATEN-UNION is an association of seven plantbreeding enterprises with more than 100 years of breeding experience behind them. The secret of our success is our practical experience, our technological leadership and an unparalleled range of more than 40 agricultural grain varieties for all European cropgrowing areas.

Products and services

SAATEN-UNION portfolio in Ukraine consists of more than 40 varieties and hybrids. Varieties like MULAN (winter wheat), NAOMI (winter barley),  hybrid rye varieties, HYBERY and HYLUX (hybrid wheat) have successfully been growing during the last few years. SUSANN, SUM 0307, SUM 0235, DRAVA 404, ІSH 303, OS 378, OSSK 396, OS 398 and other SAATEN-UNION maize hybrids meet the needs of Ukrainian market. They show high yield, fastest dry down, excellent “stay green” effect, perfect diseases resistance. Sunflower hybrids PARAISO 1000 CL PLUS, LUCIA CL PLUS, IH5543 IMI, MORENA CL, PARAISO 102 CL, SUNFLORA CL and TAMARA CL are suitable for «Clearfield®» and «ClearfieldPlus®» growing technologies. VELEKA, VOKIL, SU CLARISSA, SU INESSA hybrids are resistant to basic races оrobanche (AF).

SAATEN-UNION also offers single cross hybrids such as SUPERSOL and MANETU.

Choosing a partner like SAATEN-UNION provides you with European quality seeds, German management approach and Ukrainian business sincerity.



SUPERB IN SILAGE – GREAT IN GRAIN: Maize with top silage yield, starch yield, and grain yield in all fields. Fully charged of energy thanks to its huge ear and great number of kernel rows. Maximum potential for all kinds of flint types.



LUCIA CL PLUS is a new registered sunflower hybrid (2015) in the SAATEN-UNION Ukraine portfolio. It has a linoleic oil profile and a mid-late maturity. The combination on mid-early flowering and mid-late grain maturity allow for a long grain filling phase and thus a very high yield. LUCIA PLUS is resistant to all know races of downy mildew and has a very good Sclerotinia and Phomopsis tolerance. CL PLUS technology allows the farmer to use Eurolightning Plus for better weed and Orobanche control.

Hybrid wheat HYBERY

Hybrid wheat HYBERY

HYBERY is one of the two available hybrid wheat varieties in Ukraine. The hybrid vigour gives to the variety a massive root system and an outstanding tillering which allow to reduce sowing rate to 150 kernel per square meter. HYBERY is a medium late type with higher yield potential, superior baking quality and outstanding resistance to all root, leaf and ear diseases. Fits both for stubble wheat and early sowing dates. No doubt that the variety will give satisfaction to Ukrainian farmers.


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